Probate Services


Matthews Hanton can assist you in all matters of Probate. Our experts can help you prepare for the future by writing up a Will, setting up Trusts to protect your family and future generations, and provide advice on the best ways to minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT). We can also organise the distribution of assets and the estate.

Our successful Probate department can offer home visits if required for a personal, discreet and friendly service.

Please note that this service is not regulated by the ACCA.

  • Producing and writing a last Will and Testament
  • Creation and management of Trusts
  • Applying for a ‘grant of Probate’ which gives you legal right
  • Dealing with the Inland Revenue
  • Help to minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Organise payments of any debts owed
  • Collecting and distribution of the estate and assets
  • General advice regarding Probate