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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 06/05/2020 (Self Employed)

As HMRC continues their preparations for the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS), more information is being released about how claims can be made. The main guidance is here.

At the moment, HMRC are making it clear that agents such as Matthews Hanton will not be able to assist with the claim process. Each self-employed person will have to either access their online Government Gateway account and make the claim there, or they will have to telephone HMRC themselves in order to claim. HMRC has advised that any claims made by agents may be delayed or fail entirely due to fraud checks.

We are disappointed by this, but we can still advise you on what needs to happen next.

Firstly, we recommend that all self-employed clients do, where possible, sign up for an online Government Gateway account here.

Secondly, we recommend that clients use HMRC’s SEISS eligibility checker tool to check whether they can claim. The reason being that the use of this tool and the provision of a contact email address when asked can speed up the claim process, once HMRC move on to that stage. This is because individuals who use the checker can be allotted time slots on which to claim, which are likely to be available before the system is opened up to general use.

We understand that not everyone can access HMRC’s online systems. HMRC have suggested that there will be a telephone-based SEISS grant application service for the digitally excluded to use, but they have not released any details of that yet.

If you need any of your details from us, please contact us on 01243 861521 or via